Alloy is a stylized 3rd person Real Time Strategy game about robotic life forms trying to survive in a vast mechanical graveyard. You are the BuilderBot, a special robot with the ability to give life to the surrounding heaps of rusting scrap metal. Create other robots by exploring the world and gathering useful parts and pieces. Compete for land, resources and your existence with other players and the world itself!

Alloy is one of the Capstone projects of the IFDM 2nd Cohort at The University of New Mexico. After our six semesters together learning film, animation, computer programming and more, it's the Cohort Two's chance to show off the knowledge we've gained and push our skills to the limit. This video game is unique in its mixture of people and interests. We have two semesters to plan, produce, and market this video game, and we hope that, in the end, it communicates the interdisciplinary capabilities we have attained.

We have four main goals for the project:
  • 1. Unique Game Mechanic

    Our goal is to make a game with a new and interesting game play mechanic. Borrowing from traditional real time strategy ideas, Alloy puts the player in a more personal role in the deployment of their units. The player has agency only over the BuilderBot, and uses the BuilderBot to create more minion "Bots" to perform complex actions like gathering, exploring, protecting and attacking. Bots are constructed by collecting and mining old "parts" from the surrounding landscape and can be combined in a myriad of ways to create bots with different and more specialized functions.

  • 2. Reply Value

    Because we are a student production with limited time, skills and resources, we decided to focus on ideas that make a game fun to play over and over again, offering the player a continuous stream of new experiences. Alloy is a procedurally generated world. Every time the player loads the game he or she will land in a new random world with different possibilities. The component-based construction of the Bots gives the player various creative options and allows innovation in their tactics. Competition raises the stakes as players heighten skills and strategies

  • 3. Visually and Audibly Engaging

    With a sudo-realistic and animated look, we want to bring color and quirky charm to the otherwise dull and drab post-apocalyptic world of modern games. By incorporating a complex sound and music scape into the world, we hope to give the player a fun, comedic, and refreshing artistic experience.

  • 4. Fun!

    The most important! In addition to satisfied player experience, our goal is to make the production of this game as fun and exciting as possible.